background music

a friend of mine has put some of my guitar work in his latest film project. It’s just a couple of small clips from a piece I wrote almost instantaneously after a wonderful dream. Some really great music has been inspired by nocturnal visions and this piece is really special to me. Since I released the music to Dave I’ve expanded it into a full-blown solo piece that is very classical-sounding. The parts Dave used, they way he shot and edited the film and the subject matter is very PBS, high-brow culture. I felt the same way when a group I was in played the top floor of the Brooklyn Museum last year. Perhaps I should start dressing like…THE CONTINENTAL. Wintage Champagné?

Dave Simonds is the producer, film maker, editor of this movie and he has a long list of really cool little films to his credit. He and I met when I was invited to join his writer/artist group about 4 years ago. It was a great collection of people that fragmented as people moved away and into other things. But I really enjoyed the meetings and it coincided with my beginnings in Django-Reinhardt/Gypsy Jazz guitar. Visit Dave’s site to see what else he has been up to. He and I plan to do more together in the future.


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