Busy, Busy, Busy

So it’s been awhile since the last post and I knew that was going to happen, but sometimes these gaps are unavoidable. Not only has the work I have to do for $$ been pretty busy, I’ve started playing with The Velvet Kings again and that’s been taking up some time. We’ve already done one gig and have 4 more lined up over the next couple months. We’re going to push to try to get even more happening for the spring and summer.

I’m also working on a top-secret project that relates to this blog and guitar playing in general. It’s running a bit behind schedule, but hopefully I can focus on that for the rest of the month and have it out by May. I know I said April, but these things always run-over the deadline. I also have a really detailed and involved post on the movie Gimme Shelter and that should be done in a week or two. For now, check out this next post on arpeggios.


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