Click to Play

• 7 Levels
• Bonus Levels
• Challenging!
• Timed Questions
• 1930s — present
• FUN!
• 30,000+ points
• FREE online play
• Educational!

YES! I finally finished this project! It’s pretty cool! and it’s FREE! Click on the above poster to play.

I had originally wanted to make a complete game experience with a billion levels, more gaming variation, and more interactivity, but all of that is way beyond my abilities as a programmer. There is an retro-element like Doom 1994 to the whole thing and that wasn’t intentional. I do have a whole lot of content and ideas for content I didn’t use and I don’t know any investors or programmers personally, but if anyone with skills or investment capital wants to do something, contact me through the blog. I think this is a boss idea, because there’s a lot of guitarists out there who play games and no one is tapping the market for games specific to this audience. I know how fluid information can be on the net and there’s a good chance someone will cop the idea, but remember — YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST!


I have to give two shout-outs for helping me with this project or it would’ve never happened. The first is Gary Rosenzweig’s book: ActionScript 3.0  Game Programming University. I didn’t know much about programming prior to getting into the project, but the book is really informative and I used some of the base code and scope ideas for the guts of the levels. If you are looking to get into ActionScript 3.0 or further your knowledge, I recommend the book and it gets great reviews on Amazon too! The second shout-out is a BIG THANKS to Inja Studio as always for all of the help, encouragement, and advice. Without their support I wouldn’t have a playable game to pass on, but now that I do…Have FUN!


3 Responses to “GuitarTrivia”

  1. Congrad!! it’s cool!!!

  2. josephbednar Says:

    rock on with you, very cool

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