New Series


I have a new idea for a series — it’s called GuitarSongs! I will pick a tune that showcases a player and/or band and guitar part(s) or style(s) and then I will write about it. The posts will give background info, set the tone for how the song came into existence, give important data on how the song was recorded and provide a whole lot of links on how to play it and any additional information that is fun and interesting. The songs will run the gamut of guitar playing and everything that interests me and if you have been a reader of this blog you know I have some pretty diverse guitar interests.


I’m pretty excited about this new phase and though it’s in the ballpark of what I have been doing all along, this new format will allow more of a focus on specific tunes, guitar styles and players. I have said repeatedly that I want to write shorter, more focused posts, yet provide the content-heavy, guitar-specific information that I have always tried to put across and I think this way of doing it will be very effective. So far I’ve decided on David Gilmour/Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Soundgarden, Dickey Betts/The Allman Brothers, Eddie Van Halen, and Brian May/Queen as the first 6 installments. A few of them are done already so strap in, strap on that guitar and enjoy!


One Response to “New Series”

  1. Marc Rentzer Says:

    The Dogs piece was enlightening. I wasn’t aware of the song really until /015when my son turned me on to it. i wasn’t in love with it but I found the concept interesting and felt even more respect for Gilmore who may very well be a genius. The link to Gilad’s “dissertation” was even more eye opening. What a detailed analysis! Thank you, for I am better off today, than I was yesterday. Now, off to enjoy listening to it and enjoying it with my son, who also read your article and Gilad’s piece.

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