I’m on a TEAR… doing a boatload of writing and reorganizing, especially in the reviews sections. It’s like time is chasing me like a HELLHOUND ON MY TRAIL. I’m trying to expand to include all of the stuff I’ve had and heard over the years and make it funny, opinionated and maybe even negative in spots. Who knows? It may even end up being controversial! I’ve already done a bunch of work in the Blues, Gypsy Jazz, Django Reinhardt, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix sections. Don’t buy any new music without checking here first! Do people even do that anymore? (Buy music I mean?)

Also I wrote a 7,000+ word review of Rolling Stone magazine’s Stories from the Edge documentary that traces the history of the magazine’s feud with the premiere rock band of the 1970s and various people like Cameron Crowe, Joan Didion, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, The Doors, Jann Wenner, Hunter S. Thompson, Bette Midler, and Joseph Pulitzer all make appearances. Sound interesting? Well if so, you can read it here! I’m going to be following up on this idea with another pretty involved post on the history of rock criticism and music reviewers. That should be fun and educational as well.

I know it’s going to break everyone’s heart, but the blog will be going dark from later tonight until early next week to allow me to do even more detailed and painstaking reorganization. Sorry if this throws the rest of your week into total disarray (lol), but it’s Thanksgiving, so you should be watching feetsball or fighting over a Dell Computer in a Big Box Store somewhere anyhow. Whatever you do, Please Enjoy!

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