Dictionary of Cool

This ain’t no pretty blues and it ain’t no jammy blues. It ain’t gonna blow you away with awesome technique or make you sit through 36 minutes of guitar soloing. This is the jive blues, shout blues, party-all-the-time kind of Elmore James meets John Lee Hooker Lo-Fi stuff that goes down as smoothly as old paint thinner. But you’ll like it because it’s been one of those days and nothing else will do…it’s either the Jam Messengers or Fentanyl and you got not bucks for Fentanyl.

I saw these guys in NYC recently and love the record The Dictionary of Cool,a good old time full of snarling guitars courtesy of Uncle Marco Butcher and the testifying power of singer/poet/Blues Shaman, Rob K. Diggin’ Better the Devil, Police Beat, and the rousing live crowd pleasin’ Hammer and the Nail. This is lo-fi, minimalist, no-bs, shake-yo-hips jamming and wailing at it’s absolute best. Uncle Marco plays skins and guitar at the same time! It’s amazing! Take that Yngwie Malmsteen! In your face Reb Beach! You can boogie onto the floor with your special someone if you are so inclined, or just get your head right and shout along with the band. More people should be making music like this because it’s righteous, honest and is a really good time to see live or watch live. Spin this the next time you have friends over and turn your pad into a Memphis house party.