Biréli Lagrene is one of the most astonishing jazz guitarists of all time and he certainly proves his abilities on this disc. A musical prodigy, he is primarily known as a descendent of the Django Reinhardt-inspired style of Gypsy Jazz, but has always been comfortable in any musical form and has consistently tried to push the boundaries of sound and invention. This included stints with Jaco Pastorious, Larry Coryell and some incredible duo playing with another French guitar virtuoso, Sylvan Luc. On Move he is joined by long-time rhythm section Hono Winterstein and DIego Umbert with the addition of the very cool and swingin’ Frank Wolf on saxophone. Nice bit of ambiance combining the sax with the acoustic force of 2 guitars and a bass. I LIKE IT!!

To hear Biréli and his band is to listen to a force of nature. There is literally nothing this fella can’t do on a guitar and even seasoned or exceptionally talented players can’t wind up shaking their heads after hearing or seeing the man in action. The disc is dominated by an acoustic Gypsy Jazz sound and while it covers Django Reinhardt tunes like Nuages, Troublant Bolero, Hungaria, and Danse Norvégienne, the band also performs jazz standards like Cherokee, and Biréli originals, Jadis and Place Du Terte . There is a freshness to the music not found in a lot of other people trying to play Gypsy Jazz or acoustic jazz not only because of the band’s collective skills, but also their willingness to experiment and take musical chances. Also Bireli obviously has a deep love of melody and atmosphere; the disc flows wonderfully. Words can’t really describe Biréli’s command of the instrument; his rhythm, chording, solo and unaccompanied work is on a level 98% of all jazz players only dream about. If you are a guitar player even remotely interested in any of this music or need to be seriously impressed by somebody you will definitely be doing yourself a favor by picking this disc up. It is that impressive!!