Together; Together Again

I don’t own a whole lot of classical guitar discs, but I do know a bit about Julian Bream and John Williams, both of whom have reputations that any self-respecting guitar player should check out — plug their names into You Tube and you will be impressed. There collaborative ventures stretches back to 1973 when they won a Grammy Award for their Julian and John (Works by Lawes, Carulli, Albéniz, Granados). This great double disc that combines the previously recorded Together and Together Again shows both artists in fine form playing music from the old master. There probably aren’t that many people on planet earth who do this better than Bream & Williams. The discs contain interpretations of many famous composers including William Lawes’ Suite for Two Guitars, Fernando Sor’s L’encouragement Op. 34 and Claude Debussey’s Réverie and Clair de lune. Not only do I like listening to these discs for the great melodies, harmonies, counterpoint, composition, tone and technique, but they are also a great source of inspiration and should be to any guitarist. The complete history of the instrument is evident in the recordings of all of the pieces on these CDs and in them one hears Andulusian dances, Spanish weddings and Western culture taken to it’s finest limits.