Dopes to Infinity

The Godfathers of Stoner Rock released Dopes to Infinity in 1995 and I think it is the pinnacle of their career and as close to a perfect record as you’re gonna find. Not only does this have plenty of ROCK! and psychedelia and sludgy grooves, but it also has SONGS and great playing, singing and songwriting. There are moods and textures and like a great Hendrix or Floyd offering it is as much a sonic adventure as it is a record. At 12 songs and 75 minutes long it never gets boring for me. Dave Wyndorf tightened his songwriting skills and the band spent the money to employ all of the necessary recording time and effects as well as exotic instruments: mellotron, theremin and bells to make the vision really come alive. A disc as ambitious as Dopes in the wrong hands would just fall flat on it’s face, but this version of Monster Magnet was a tight band and were able to not only bring the power when necessary; I Control, I Fly, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the brutal Third Alternative, Ego, the Living Planet, and the stellar title track. But they were also capable of nuance and atmosphere; Dead Christmas, Blow ’em Off, King of Mars, Vertigo, and the amazing All Friends and Kingdom Come.

ex-MM guitarist Ed Mundell really shined on this album. He joined the Magnet right before their previous record Superjudge and on Dopes he really came into his own bringing chops, feel, sound, style and groove — to help bring the songs to their highest buzz. I have listened and riffed along to this disc many times and a band I was in back in the day played a few of the songs in our sets a number of times. Everyone in Monster Magnet deserves the highest “ALL HAIL” for this masterpiece, which is easily one of the top discs this genre has ever produced.