Tres Hombres

This was that Little ol’ band from Texas’ breakout record thanks to the single La Grange, awesome playing and production, and the suave boogie these guys have been bringing forever. Billy Gibbons established himself as a guitar king and on this record he is all over the place with the riffing, the subtle fills, the screaming blues bends, and the tasteful phrasing. And the TONES! Whether you have the original vinyl or either of the remastered CDs, the guitar tones are many and they are incredibly good.

Growing up where these guys did, the many influences that formed ZZ Top are all apparent just in Billy’s guitar sounds and his riffing. Whether it’s straight out rockers like Move Me on Down the Line or Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, blues-riff workouts like Waitin’ For the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago and La Grange, or prototypical ZZ Top storytellin’ Master of Sparks and Sheik, the band moves through them all effortlessly without losing the feel and focused vibe of the whole disc. Even the two stabs at gospel-influenced ballads, Have You Heard and Hot Blue and Righteous sound authentic and just another slice of Texas living. Any would-be guitar player can learn a lot from listening not only to how the band makes simple things sound really huge and complex, but also how Mr. Gibbons forms a guitar style that has become an institution of taste, style and awesome coolness!