Oiseaux de Iles

If you’ve read my posts on Django Reinhardt, you’ll see that I picked this song as one of my favorite Django moments. So here is a vid of me playing the solo.

The song is in F major and the structure is really simple. MOST of the solo is pretty easy, except for that first descending passage. I do it better some days than others. I know my picking has gotten much better because I couldn’t play it to tempo before. The second descending part I usually nail but I had a “duh” moment. Hey it’s Sunday…I turned the camera on and went for it.

Oiseaux de Iles translates to “bird of the island” or “exotic bird“. But the song itself sounds like a train and the clarinets sound the train whistle, or I guess they also sound like a flock of birds singing. Or it could be inspired by an exotic woman Django met on a train.