Labor Day — 2018

what better way to spend a holiday weekend than organizing the blog? Well…I didn’t have any trips planned and things are slow around here at the moment. But, I did organize all of the reviews I’ve done into new sections in the drop-down menu at the top. All of the ‘Music Reviews’ are in one drop down and the ever-expanding book and movie reviews are in another marked ‘Other Reviews’. They will also remain as posts in the blog feed. The discs are back in separate categories and now all of the guitar-playing pages are in the right column menu.

I don’t do anything to promote or advertise for this blog…maybe I should. Or… maybe I shouldn’t. There is an industry devoted to advising bloggers, but really I just like putting together posts and pages and making it look sort of nice and then not doing anything else with it. According to some, if you’re still blogging post-2014, you’re wasting your time. Uh-huh. That’s not the first time I’ve heard…that I’m wasting my time.

2015 was my best year for visitors and views. It’s been completely downhill since then. What’s funny is I published exactly 0 posts that year. Hilarious! Reminds me of Chico Marx negotiating for the band. Imagine how many people would read The Guitar Cave if I never published anything again! That could be a strategy for the future…I’m contemplating.

Once you’re over 50, the years just fly by. It’s hard to believe next week will be the 17th anniversary of 9/11, Wow! Over the past week, I was thinking about a couple women I used to know. They are gone now, but they taught me a lot about the publishing business; writing, editing and… drinking too. Boy, those gals could drink. They came right out of the Madmen era of Media and Advertising and the first thing you had to be able to do if you were gonna make it in the business was drink a martini! Have you ever had a real martini? James Bond‘s favorite drink? I never had one until I was in my 40s, because I wasn’t in that set, but I could always hold my own at a party no matter what kind of favors were on the menu. To celebrate one huge project we completed for the big bucks we went to a classic New York Steakhouse and started with martinis. Killer! I had 3, ’cause they went down so easy. But all of the sudden I was totally shitfaced, and… then had to go back to work. I did that more than a few times and always got the job done. That was the name of the game. Not really appropriate so much today though.

Smoking too! At one time that was totally good for you; even doctors said it was…until it wasn’t. It’s important to enjoy your life, I guess. However you want to live. Smoke a lot, drink a lot and work, work, work. These gals got to live and work in the Golden Age. It was probably pretty exciting! I don’t do anything anymore. Maybe a drink once in a while. It’s hard to keep up that lifestyle past a certain age. Way too much of a commitment and of course the poisons stop being something you want and become something you need. Hey, who hasn’t had a go-round with that experience? Whether it’s a person, place or thing you’ll find yourself waking up one morning hating yourself for having that kind of dependence…or not. Some people are completely capable of shrugging off everything and staying focused only on the moment, whatever that entails. A very admirable trait, I think.

These ladies I knew really enjoyed their work and careers. They busted the glass ceiling before anyone described it that way…and they did it with class. They didn’t consider themselves feminists in the modern sense of the word, but they never let a man hold them down. They were alpha women who owned businesses in a dog-eat-dog industry for decades. Ladies who would go to the office on Sunday just because they enjoyed what they did and their commitment to their vocation was TOTAL. I also think they took pleasure in knowing they could earn too. They could sit in their Manhattan office on a Sunday and be alone with the fact that it was their office. That probably felt pretty good. There’s a whole lot of people in the world who would like to be able to afford an office in Manhattan and never will. Sure there were hardships, there were highs and lows; life consists of a whole bunch of pain and not so great moments. But as Hyman Roth said in the The Godfather Part II, “This is the business we’ve chosen.” They lived this life as long as they could, but there comes a time… When these ladies were no longer able to communicate effectively in the modern marketplace, they slipped away. There wasn’t anything left for them to do. The eras pass and the people pass too. Or maybe the people pass first, I’m not sure.

The Japanese have a phrase, Gambatte, which means To do one’s best! Try harder! Stick with it! Hang in there! In honor of those who labor and deserve a break, I hope you enjoyed the weekend! I also hope you enjoy your labor! Tomorrow it will be time to go back to it and Gambatte. It’s also been ten years since we all had to move on and all I can say is: Thanks R! Thanks J! I miss you and miss our time together. The hard times were a challenge and the good times were GRAND.