The Cats of Isla Mujeres

Do guitar players like cats? Of course they do. I’ve known quite a few musicians over the years who have cats as they are the perfect lo-maintenance companions for overworked and overfocused players. And really…isn’t that all of us? Who is a better buddy than a cat? Plus they usually keep the living space clean because most of the musicians I know don’t live like Phil Collins and mice eat guitars! Did you know that?

Anyhow, as I related in THIS post I have been completely absorbed in exploring all manner of cutting-edge technology and the first results — a photo tour of New York City — contained new graphic design, interactive, music and video possibilities using Adobe Indesign, which has traditionally been used for print media only. The Cats of Isla Mujeres is the second of these projects and even though it wasn’t my project I did contribute music and some editing. I linked to the music in the Keith Richards Part 1 post. The pic above links to the whole presentation and it’s a nice photo exposition of life and feline struggles on the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres, which is just a short ferry ride from Cancun, Mexico. This project was designed and put together by my friend “Ozzy,” the creative director of Inja Studio and AKA design co-op. She has traveled to the island many times and has become well-acquainted with a woman, Lupita, who cares for all of the feral cats on the island. Because there are plenty of cats and they are hungry and need medical help and human TLC, Lupita always has plenty to do. This exposition is also her story and she has seen it and loves the fact that other people care about her passion. [Update 9-17–the video is live above…both interactive projects are offline at the moment]

This presentation is another example of how technology enables an artist, musician, photographer, designer or whatever, to produce a solo or small-team project in a very cost-effective manner. The advances made by Adobe with their Creative Suite software bundle are really amazing. I’ve been using Adobe products since the mid-90s and I can’t even count how many paid gigs, work, projects, etc I’ve done at this point. The stuff I’ve been a part of is pretty tame compared to what some of the design superstars are doing and of course the changes brought on by all of these advances have reverberated through pretty much every creative industry there is. Where all of this leads in the end, I have no idea, but the ride is a lot of fun for sure!