Jimi Play the Cave

Well, not really. But this is a super cool bobble-head doll from FUNKO (sounds like RONCO or TELCO or K-TEL doesn’t it?) They have a whole line of toys and bobble-heads including Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Tupac and many more, like the Wonder Woman computer sitter. Grrrrrrowlll! They even have a Ronald Reagan doll but I can’t imagine that someone who would buy one of those would be that much fun to hang out with. It looks like the Jimi Doll has been discontinued…or maybe it’s sold out! But Elvis is still there!

Jimi Hendrix was a huge influence on me…and, of course many other people. Over the years I’ve tried to cop his vibe on a whole lot of things as you can tell from the short film clip, which features music from one of my favorite projects of all time. The guitar lead was played on my Strat taking a lot from the Master of the Stratocaster himself and maybe it also came from listening to another Jimmy (Jimmy Page) but it’s hard to tell where one influence stops and another starts. (The studio where this was recorded in July of ’99 was so hot the A/C was being rationed and plugs were literally melting in the electrical sockets. Every track sounds like it’s on fire. The week I did overdubs was one of the hottest on record until it was topped this year…FUN WEATHER FACT!) I also still get the occasional jolt out of listening to Jimi’s music. It is interesting to watch as different media shows up all over the web from all of those years ago. Some of it is downright killin’ and other stuff, not so much. I’ve never liked the Isle of Wight concert because Jimi looked really tired, burnt and pissed off. The version of Red House from that show is almost painful to watch. But there is other stuff from those later days scattered about the web that is actually really good. I haven’t checked out any of these official releases…but since Jimi’s family regained some kind of control over his music after so many years, I have heard that this stuff is a treat. While they don’t have any video, Wolfgang’s Vault has a ton of streaming concert audio from Berkeley, Winterland, and both Fillmores (west and east). I’ve listened to most of this stuff and a fair amount is Jimi at the top of his live game. Definitely grrrrrreat! Except for the Band of Gypsies shows, Mitch Mitchell was always part of Jimi’s experience and he has to rank as one of the greatest drummers ever. Together they were a very explosive and innovative team.

Speaking of great, here is Chris Squire, famed bass player for YES telling a fantastically funny tale about opening for Jimi at one of his legendary early London performances (The Marquee Club). Dessert!