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Stephane Wrembel Talks Life and Music

Some very deep and wonderful insights provided by Stephane Wrembel in this brief interview. I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Stephane a few years ago and his approach to playing and life are very inspiring and something any musician hoping to play and improvise well should at least consider. He helped set me on the path of playing the music of Django Reinhardt and many others. He is a really fun guy. In the interview, he talks about “getting the ego out of the way of your playing” and “reaching a state of ego-lessness” — something I’ve seen before… and it is SO TRUE. Easy to understand, not always easy to do. As players we invest a whole bunch of ourselves in what we do, but when it’s time to play, none of that matters. “We are NAKED” as Stephane says and we must accept and get comfortable with that and let our inner selves (our music) come out. I think it’s a good idea to watch this a few times and be conscious of your state of mind and body in the future when playing. See if what he is saying is something that could help with what YOU’RE doing.

Stephane is an extremely skilled musician and plays live in New York City all the time. His composition Bistro Fada was the theme for Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris movie. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live and he is SMOKING! Don’t miss the opportunity if you have the chance to see him play.

Patrus (the interviewer) has an AWESOME Youtube channel. Some of his interviews are in French or German but many are not and he also provides translations on a few. There is an wealth of unbelievable playing clips too. Check it out!!